Going Beyond the PTA Newsletter

Having a consistent, concise PTA newsletter is a great way to keep your PTA members informed about volunteer opportunities and regular events. But what do you do when there are stories or news that won’t quite fit in your weekly news update?

Depending on the information, here are five ways to share content that goes beyond your weekly post.


  1. Social media. For quick updates, gentle reminders, event photos or links to outside information, social media can be a great tool. Whether your PTA is on Twitter or Facebook (or both), social media meets your members where they are. Be sure to follow your district and the local/state PTA councils for tweets and posts worth sharing, as well as local news agencies, community groups and arts/science organizations that align with your school’s theme. And don’t forget to link to your social channels in your e-newsletter.


  1. Blog posts. If your PTA has a website (and it should!), then tap into the blog space on your site to create longer content. Blog posts are a great way to bring in new voices or go in-depth on a particular topic. Invite a parent to write about her experiences with a special education student at your school. Have a teacher write about what it’s like to be the new person on staff. Bring in business partners to blog about why they support your PTA. Be sure to link to the posts on social and in your weekly e-newsletter to drive readers to each post.


  1. Link to external content. Linking to other sites and sources seems obvious on social media, but do you remember to do the same thing in your e-newsletter? Keep your e-news posts short and to the point by linking to other sites for more details, alternate perspectives or compelling voices. This strategy also helps with controversial topics, giving the option to link to multiple sides on a particular issue.


  1. Photos and video. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the right video can offer a million. Posting a photo album or a video montage of past events on your PTA website or social media channel (or both) can be a powerful way to show what’s really happening at your school. Inviting student speakers to introduce an idea or have them interview experts might be the best – and most fun – way to get your message across. Give students the opportunity to create content you can use.


  1. Text messages. MemberHub provides the option to send any message as both email and text. Just use this tool carefully so you don’t bombard your members and turn them off to all messaging. Reserving texts for the most urgent news – like an early dismissal for inclement weather – will keep you in good graces.