Five ways MemberHub makes PTA’ing easier

MemberHub is a tool that makes running your PTA easier. Membership drives, fundraisers, good standing requirements, and family engagement are all simplified. Here are the Top 5 ways MemberHub makes PTA’ing easier.

1. Manage all parts of your PTA, with one tool.

  • Sell PTA memberships online — allowing busy parents to sign up any time. All their membership information is automatically reported to the state.
  • Remit the proper dues to your state office with one click.
  • Submit good-standing acknowledgements for your state in minutes.

2. Maintain continuity with your PTA playbook from year to year, even as officers change.

  • Once you establish your account and PTA-management process in MemberHub, they’ll stay from year to year, improving your unit’s continuity, efficiency, and yearly transitions.
  • Maintain relationships with your school community during the summer and any time of year.
  • Grade-level hubs allow you to easily move students and their families from one grade to the next.

3. Easily communicate with your entire school community, targeted groups, or individuals.

  • Create and send electronic newsletters and communications to families from MemberHub.
  • This is an easy way to reduce your paper costs and leave more money in the budget for other programs.

4. Raise more money for your unit with little extra effort.

  • You can purchase ad spaces and resell them to local merchants at 5x the amount you paid.
  • You can also set up a “no-fuss” fundraiser by creating custom memberships (like silver, gold, and platinum) and sell them for more. The state still gets the standard membership amount — and your unit keeps the rest.

5. Provide value to families and grow  your membership.

  • Send your messages school-wide — not just to members —  so you can grow your PTA year-round.
  • School families get benefits, too, with a master calendar view of school and classroom events, built-in reminders, easy communication tools, a school store with spirit wear and PTA memberships, fundraisers, file and photo sharing, school directories, and signups for events, volunteers, and donations.

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